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Revealing the Kingdom

Guest Speaker, Mitch Pier, teaches on the Kingdom of God and the value it possesses. What are you willing to do in order to receive the hidden treasure of God?

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The Grace to Serve

Mark and Sarah Brown share what it means to have all that you need to serve those in your life. We reveal the Father by how we love those around us.

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The Gift of Grace

Pastor Bret Allen shares about the gift of grace offered through Jesus Christ. You cannot earn it and you can never pay the price for it. It is freely given to everyone who will give their lives to Jesus. You have everything you need to please God. It is not about asking for more faith, because you already have it! Pastor Bret is the Superintendent of the Northern California and Nevada District of the Assemblies of God.

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Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Pastor Tom Belt shares an encouraging word from Numbers 13 regarding faith and the ability to live beyond our past experiences. We can see but fail to act because we do not perceive what God is doing. Faith is about turning our history with God into how we step forward into the future with Him. Are you ready to step off the map and pioneer new territory?

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Guest Speaker Dr. Sam Huddleston, Assistant Superintendent of the NorCal Nevada Assemblies of God, shares a timely message about being deployed for a mission. You are planted where you are for a purpose.

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Surrender + Obedience

Pastor Brenda Sandquist, founder of Xquisite Ministries, shares a prophetically charged word with Arena Christian Center about surrender and obedience. Two words in the Christian language, which are never easy to digest. We must remain motivated to see surrender as a way to greater freedom and obedience towards blessing. Surrender and obedience will be a continual process as disciples of Jesus Christ. You can find out more information on Xquisite Ministries on their website.

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One in a Million

Statistics say there is one missionary for every one million Muslims around the world. Many face the reality of never hearing the name of Jesus because so few have said “I will go.” Today’s Guest Speakers share about the work to be done among Arabic speaking Muslims and their answer to the call. ***Names are withheld due to the sensitive countries and nature of their work.

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Pray, Give, Go

Pastor Steve Edwards, Founder of Global Passion Ministries, shares how the Church can be the answer to another person’s prayers. Jesus noticed the oppressed and felt compassion to help them, is that our heart too? You can find out more about Global Passion Ministries on their website.

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