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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.3]

Pastor Justin Simmons continues our topic on the church being so much bigger than a building. If the church is a people gathered than it must be marked by a culture of togetherness. Togetherness is more than being in the same room or close proximity with others; it is a mixing of lives so that one cannot be separated from the other. Togetherness is marked by biblical hospitality and in this week’s message the challenge is practical.

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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.1]

God’s idea of a church is far greater than we often speak about it or even walk it out. The Bible paints a picture of the church being a movement to introduce humanity to Himself. We don’t just go to church… we are the church! Pastor Justin Simmons shares some big picture ideas of what the church is according to God’s design.

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More Than a Song: Interviews

On September 22, 2019 we sent out teams into the community to worship God by loving people. Nearly 100 sack lunches were handed out to people living under bridges in our community, $55 in quarters paid for laundry in laundry mats, popsicles were handed out to families in parks and trash was picked up from neighborhood streets. Overall, 27 volunteers decided to do church not for themselves, but for the people of Natomas in Sacramento, CA. This podcast is the interview about what happened and how this day of service left it’s mark on the people of Arena Christian Center.

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More Than a Song [pt.1]

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches on worship as a bigger idea than Sunday morning song sets. We are image carriers of our Creator and how worship in the ordinary parts of life is a window into our worship. 24-7 we have opportunity to give God our attention and adoration. There are three steps to help you live your ordinary moments in extraordinary worship.

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Rooted: Rooted in Relationships [Col. 4:7-18]

Pastor Justin Simmons closes out our series in the book of Colossians with a message about relational connection. Rooted people have rooted relationships. Paul required people to come alongside him to fulfill his purpose and them, theirs. Who are you in the foxhole of life with? Do you have someone to encourage you and pick you up when you fall down? Deeply rooted relationships may just be the difference maker in your life.

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Rooted: Devoted Prayer Leads to Walking in Wisdom [Col. 4:2-6]

Pastor Justin Simmons continues the series rooted by sharing Paul’s final two challenges to the church in Collosae. Paul tells them – and us – to be devoted in prayer. Biblical prayer is both intentional and purposeful. These moments to speak to God and hear from Him too. Prayer is the greatest weapon we have as Christians and cannot afford to underestimate the power we’ve been given through Him. Then we can walk in wisdom and make the most of the opportunities around us. When we have the Lord’s heartbeat, we can meet the needs of our communities. We can expect to see God build His church and change our cities!

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Rooted: Developing Functional Families [Col. 3:18-4:1]

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how we can begin to build families that function as God designed. In a world set in chaos where dysfunction is the accepted norm, a Christian’s family should stand out as counter-cultural. Rooted in Paul’s letter, the true test of Jesus’s Lordship is the principles governing our churches also governing our homes.

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Rooted: Plant Your Mind in Eternity for Today [Col. 3:1-17]

Pastor Justin Simmons shares from Colossians 3 about planting your mind in eternity to walk out our faith today. We must decide to look above our difficulties and only entertain that which feeds the new person we’ve become in Christ. We guard our hearts from any thoughts and beliefs that would rob us of our destiny. A disciplined life will always lead us to greater freedom.

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Rooted: Finding Freedom in a Simple Gospel [Col. 2:6-23]

Pastor Justin Simmons concludes chapter two of Colossians with a challenging message about getting back to a simple gospel. Humanity has a way of making simple things complex and our faith has not escaped the trap. It is a simple gospel that saves us, transforms us and unites us. When we add to the gospel our rules, traditions and experiences; we create systems of division that often times make us enemies instead of a family of believers. Do you have the courage to ask God to strip it all away and make your faith fully fixated on Jesus Christ alone?

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Rooted: We Need Fathers and Mothers [Col. 1:24-2:5]

Pastor Justin continues in Colossians with a message about the deep need of spiritual parents. Nobody gets where they are going without the help of others. Why do we choose to live alone among community of the church? We need what others carry in God. We need to glean from the breakthroughs others have obtained. When we live in community with the goal of family, we receive an inheritance from each other’s walk with Jesus.

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