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Growing Hope in the Waiting

Pastor Justin Simmons begins the Advent season with a message about growing our hope in the waiting. If there is anything that has characterized God’s people throughout history it has been waiting. Waiting for promises to be fulfilled. Waiting to be delivered from captivity. Waiting for the Messiah and His gift of the Holy Spirit. Advent refocuses our hearts from passively waiting to making room for His arrival. We hope you are encouraged and filled with expectant hope this season as we collectively declare, Here Comes Heaven.

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Culture Clash: Finding Freedom with Healthy Confrontation

Pastor Justin Simmons concludes the series Culture Clash with a discussion on conflict and healthy confrontation. Conflict is unavoidable in life. Despite culture’s labeling of conflict as a negative situation, we can learn to embrace conflict and bring healthy confrontation in order to find freedom. Don’t allow conflict to disrupt your life, but use healthy confrontation to bring reconciliation and freedom!

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Culture Clash: Silencing the Storms of Life

In this third week of the series, Culture Clash, Pastor Justin Simmons addresses the cultural lie of fate. Fate seeks to limit your choices to whatever is handed to you, but faith makes a new way through the storms of life. Faith adds options that were not previously available to you. Faith will silence storms. We hope some of the tools expressed in this message today will encourage you to not submit to the lies of fate and overcome your storms through faith.

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Culture Clash: The Cost of Commitment

Pastor Justin Simmons continues the series Culture Clash with confronting the lies about commitment. Everything costs somebody something and you cannot reap what you are unwilling to sow. When we are committed to pay the price for our marriages, neighbors, workplaces and beyond; we will see God do a supernatural work to produce a harvest we couldn’t dream or imagine. Followers of Jesus are whole-heartedly committed to the greatest cause of planet earth – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Culture Clash: The Authority of Heaven

Where two cultures come face to face a culture clash is bound to take place. When the Kingdom of Heaven intersects a sin sick world, the culture clash is boldly evident. What is the believer’s role in this? Followers of Jesus lay down the rights the natural world offers to pick up the greater authority of heaven. It is through surrender at the cross where victory truly resides. We pick up our cross not to become a doormat, but to be a deliverer to the oppressed, the oppressor and the overlooked. Pastor Justin Simmons shares in this series, Culture Clash, the lies society tells us and how to find freedom in Jesus.

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Four Discipleship Warnings: Matthew 7:13-29

The Sermon on the Mount concludes with four warnings by Jesus. He ties together this new kingdom culture by challenging His audience to enter the narrow gate, selflessly serve, seek intimacy and listen and obey His teachings. Each warning should stir us to take inventory of our hearts and leave behind those things that cause our lives to stall in our pursuit of discipleship.

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There is More of God’s Goodness than You Know: Matthew 7:7-12

God is inherently good and it is time for the church to learn to ask to experience more of His goodness. Pastor Justin Simmons challenges the church to not settle for the just enough mentality. God is ready and wanting to give you more than you can ask or imagine for, but He will require you to ask, seek and knock for it. You are a living testimony to the goodness of God when you walk in the more of His goodness.

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Humility > Judgement: Matthew 7:1-6

It has never been easier to give our opinion for the world to hear. In a world of 24 hour news and social media, judgement is cast on people long before facts and understanding have entered into the conversation. Pastor Justin Simmons shares the Christian’s responsibility to discern right from wrong, but judgement belongs to God alone. Jesus expects humility from His followers because humility will always be greater force in the Kingdom than judgment. Want to break free? Our judgemental attitudes will lose power when we choose to build others up.

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Treasuring Peace: Matthew 6:19-34

Pastor Justin Simmons shares the importance of living at peace as a believer. Worry is a symptom that our heart, eyes and hands are settled on the wrong treasure. You were not made for worry because the Prince of Peace is within you.

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Learning to Pray with Purpose: Matthew 6:7-15

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches on prayer and how to pray with purpose. We can take pleasure in praying when we keep it simple and follow Jesus’s model.

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