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Palm Sunday

Pastor Melanie shares from Matthew 21 about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

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One Foot in Heaven: Psalm 122

Melanie Simmons shares how to frame every area of our lives in worship. Psalm 122 speaks of a man who has been transformed by the place of encounter with God – the church. When our lives are framed by worship, our jobs, families, politics and hobbies all become transformed as well.

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A Rising Church [pt.2]

Pastor Melanie Simmons teaches on how we walk in the identity of a prophet to bring kingdom strategy into the world. Believers are to align everything in their lives to the word of God for the purpose of transformation. When our lives are aligned to the word and the will of God then our lives becomes a testimony of Christ in us — the Hope of glory.

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Joy to the World: A Prescription for Praise

Pastor Melanie Simmons shares an encouraging message on Psalm 98. Joy to the World is a song that has been sung for over 300 years and still resonating in hearts during this year’s Christmas celebrations. Why? We were created in worship for worship!  In this message, you’ll find three practical prescriptions for you to step into praise this season.

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The Immanuel Promise

Pastor Melanie Simmons teaches about cultivating daily encounters with God. We are given a promise of God’s presence with us for all our days and not just when we have big decisions to make. This is an invitation to seek from Him what we can only receive from Him. It is in the ordinary places and the quiet personal space where encounters with God can truly change everything!

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Whispered Roar: The Holy Spirit (pt.2)

Pastor Melanie Simmons continues our series on the personhood, presence and power of Holy Spirit. We cannot afford to underestimate the Holy Spirit’s work in and on our lives. He is not a goo or energy, but the very essence of God in the earth today. He is an equal to God the Father and Jesus Christ; by the same power that raised Jesus back to life, we too live in new life as followers of Jesus.

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Remaining Focused on God’s Goodness

Pastor Melanie Simmons shares about remaining focused on God’s goodness even when what’s going on around us is less than good. Sometimes we have to put on our God’s goodness glasses and choose to see the junk in our lives through the lens of who He is – always good!

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Radical Service

Melanie Simmons shares what it means to step into God’s purposes for our lives through radical service. Service to God and His people will mark you as consumed by Him, where your life will forever be changed. We’re moving away from being consumers and giving all of ourselves to see His kingdom come and will be done in Sacramento as it is in heaven.

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Living as an Ambassador of Peace

During this second week of Advent, Pastor Melanie Simmons discusses the Person of Peace – Jesus. Jesus valued peace and when He left this earth, He gave His followers His peace with a mandate to extend peace into the world. We have an opportunity to bring peace into the chaos of everyday ordinary life right where you are planted. When you bring peace into your family, job, neighborhood and city; it looks like heaven. This week’s message will encourage you to put into practice the principles to see peace expand in your life.

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Fill This House

Pastor Melanie Simmons shares a timely word for Arena Christian Center about moving from an inward focused church to one that welcomes home the people of our neighborhoods and cities. If we truly believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, how can we keep Him to ourselves? Who will you welcome home?

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