One Foot in Heaven: Psalm 127

Pastor Justin Simmons addresses anxiety and worry by reminding believers of the promised rest that comes from God. When we learn to walkout trust with God we find true rest – the ability to sleep even when there is still much undone. Rest is the result of knowing what is out of our control is never out of God’s control.

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One Foot in Heaven: Psalm 124

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how our framework of asking the “what might happen if…” question matters. So often we rely on asking “what might happen if I…” make a mistake, fail, step beyond my ability; when we really should be asking “what might happen if God…” makes a way, performs a miracle, fulfills his word. God is not limited by our limitations, he is the unlimited God who invites us into participating life through his lens.

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One Foot in Heaven: Psalm 122

Melanie Simmons shares how to frame every area of our lives in worship. Psalm 122 speaks of a man who has been transformed by the place of encounter with God – the church. When our lives are framed by worship, our jobs, families, politics and hobbies all become transformed as well.

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One Foot in Heaven: Psalm 121

We continue our series on how to live in the tension of eternity and today with a look at Psalm 121. This psalm invokes a sense of rest and peace as God reveals Himself to us as our guardian and protector. We can learn to live anxiety free as we trust God through the hardships we experience while living with one foot in heaven.

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One Foot in Heaven: Psalm 120

When you watch the news or open your Facebook feed, do you get the sense that some things are off in the world? Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know the tension of what should be versus what is not. As followers of Jesus we are living in the now and the not yet. We read in the bible about one day in the future where there will be peace on the earth without sorrow or pain, but what does that mean for us today? We find some answers in the Psalms with a group of writings called the Songs of Ascent where we can gain insight on living with one foot in heaven and the ability to discern how eternity and today intersect. Our topic this week looks at Psalm 120; here we learn to move new experiences with God beyond one oft encounters and into a new normal for the journey.

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A Rising Church [pt. 5]

Pastors Justin and Melanie Simmons conclude the series on a Rising Church. Every priest is made for the Presence of God and in order to steward His Presence we will need to respond to God. Is your relationship walked out in an active relational connection where God speaks and you respond? Or do you live out your faith through a checklist – read the bible, check; pray, check; etc. God is looking for His people to live a life of response to His Presence.

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A Rising Church [pt. 4]

Pastor Justin Simmons continues the series of a Rising Church with a foundational message on the role of the priest. Priests carried the weight of representing the people of God to God. They would intercede, make sacrifices and tend the responsibilities of the temple as ministry to God. Whether it was the family priest in the day of Abraham or the temple priests under the Mosaic Covenant, all priests were marked by the Presence of God. Why does this matter? If you are a follower of Jesus then you are a part of this royal priesthood marked by God’s Presence.

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A Rising Church [pt.3]

Pastor Justin Simmons shares about the responsibility of royalty for every believer. God desires to give followers of Jesus the authority to lead where he’s planted us. In order to walk in that authority we must become a servant and through humility we rise as royalty. When we are living in our identity as royalty we will increase the quality of life for the people around us. We rise so others may rise with us.

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A Rising Church [pt.2]

Pastor Melanie Simmons teaches on how we walk in the identity of a prophet to bring kingdom strategy into the world. Believers are to align everything in their lives to the word of God for the purpose of transformation. When our lives are aligned to the word and the will of God then our lives becomes a testimony of Christ in us — the Hope of glory.

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A Rising Church [pt.1]

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches a core theme of Scripture is resurrection or rising up. God is always calling His people to get back up, break out of dysfunction and live as overcomers over the world’s broken systems. Humility will give you access to the kingdom of God where we’ve become royalty with a mission to lead this world into an encounter with God. Over the next few weeks we’ll learn to live as prophets, kings and priests to the world – rising to the occasion just like Jesus showed us how.

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