Hidden Treasures: Parable of the Sower

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches from Matthew 13 about aligning our perception with God’s reality. Perceptions have the power to create the reality we live in and in order to live in the fullness God has made available to us then we must align our perception to God’s established reality.

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Hidden Treasures: Parable of New Wineskins

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how God desires His people to be expectant of new things. We cannot afford to grow comfortable in our past successes. What was good for yesterday may not be what is good for tomorrow. In the parable of the wineskins we find a tension of the past and the future with a challenge to be pliable with God as He works in our lives.

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People of Peace (part 2)

Pastor Justin Simmons continues this short series about evangelism with practical tools to point people towards Jesus. The kindness of God is to lead us towards repentance as Paul wrote in Romans. Why then to do we so often point people to repentance first? People can’t pass over the threshold of repentance until we’ve shown them the door of God’s grace.

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People of Peace (part 1)

Pastor Justin Simmons asks the question “What should evangelism look like in 2019?” It’s a question each of us should be wrestling with as culture continues changing at a rapid pace. Our truths will never change, but methodology should adapt accordingly. People of Peace are those who recognize how they see God is also how the world will interact with God through them.

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Faith for the Followthrough

Pastor Justin Simmons concludes 2019’s theme series with a message about taking the first step. While God’s purposes can see impossible and too big to reach, God has never asked us to try and understand it. He asks us to take a step. That’s it. Step by step we move forward into the future He dreams for us.

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Radical Service

Melanie Simmons shares what it means to step into God’s purposes for our lives through radical service. Service to God and His people will mark you as consumed by Him, where your life will forever be changed. We’re moving away from being consumers and giving all of ourselves to see His kingdom come and will be done in Sacramento as it is in heaven.

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2019 The Year of Stepping In

Pastor Justin Simmons kicks off the new year with a message on the theme, “Stepping In,” the Lord is developing at Arena Christian Center in 2019. The Year of Stepping in is all about leaving behind the past comforts and familiarities. We are following the Presence of God to lead us into our inheritance. Fear is a real enemy who will not stop trying to rob us of what faith desires to give us. We will not be deterred; we step and step again until we cross the riverbed into our place of promise.

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The Year in Review and The Vision Forward

Pastor Justin and Melanie Simmons spend the final Sunday of 2018 sharing about what God has done over the last 12 months as Arena Christian Center made room for God and people. We have so many great things to remember and celebrate, but we also know 2019 has even greater things in store. God’s best is yet to come. 2019 is the Year of Stepping In (Joshua 3:3,4), where we will leave behind comfort for courage and familiarity for faith.

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Creating a Landing Pad for God’s Love

What would happen if you really knew how much God loved you? Even more than knowing, what if you lived as though you really believed it? Pastor Justin Simmons concludes this Christmas series on Advent with a message about God’s life changing love. His love in non-transactional and you can do nothing to earn it. The love of God is greater than you could ever imagine. In fact, you may never be able to fully understand it and that’s ok – all you have to do is create a landing pad for His love in your life.

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Finding Your Joy in God’s Presence

In the third week of advent, Pastor Justin Simmons shares how believers can find joy even in the midst of trying times. Our joy is not determined by what happens to us, but what happens within us. The Holy Spirit, the very presence of God, lives within us and where His presence is there is joy. This message will help you in finding your joy in God’s presence. Put your dancing shoes on and a smile on your face; every occasion can be a joyful celebration.

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