Developing Story: The Greater Narrative

We begin our summer series in the letter to the Philippians with a wide angle look at the Apostle Paul’s writing. We find themes of friendship, joy and perseverance mixed with deep theological insights meant to bring readers into a mature faith. Philippians is the story of a first century church and now it is also ours – the story of the Kingdom is a developing story.

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The Makings of a Great Father

We tackle the subject of fatherhood for this week’s message. Men are a gifted to raise strong and healthy children. You are needed in every family. You can be a great father – to generations in and out of your immediate family.

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Communicating in an Emoji World

Communication is constantly changing in our world; what once required great effort to share ideas and feelings now can be done from the palm of our hands in almost every location on earth. Even the language we use has become simpler with the use of emojis and gifs. So why does it seem so hard to communicate in meaningful ways without our conversations debasing into a free for all? This week we tackle the subject of improving our communication to truly understand one another in a way that honors God by honoring others (even those with differing views).

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The Holy Spirit Will… Send You

This Sunday we conclude the series on The Holy Spirit Will… with a casual conversation on the role the Holy Spirit takes in sending us into our communities as witnesses. Our conversation takes place in Carson City, Nevada with Susan Sorenson, founder and director of the Northern Nevada Dream Center. She inspires us to see a need and meet it, a bold way of living that sees lives changed. We hope you’re ready to step up and step out because the Holy Spirit will send you when you say yes.

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The Holy Spirit Will… Fill You

We continue our series on the role of the Holy Spirit. This week we discuss some reasons for the Holy Spirit to fill your life just like he filled the 120 on the very first Pentecost.

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The Holy Spirit Will… Prepare You

This week’s message takes a look at one of the primary roles of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life. He prepares us to to live up to our God designed potential through His wisdom. Instead of constant frustration with the areas of our lives not bearing fruit, we are to turn to the Holy Spirit and get a new perspective. Don’t give up – He’s not finished yet!

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Don’t Let Fatigue Kill Your Spirit

This week Pastor Justin Simmons speaks into the current culture of quarantine fatigue. People are downright tired of staying home, panic shopping and politicians who won’t work across the aisle. While we may be tired of it all, don’t let it kill your ability to be Spirit-led as a follower of Jesus. We will rise above selfishness during this pandemic.

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Prayer Circles: The 3-2-1 of Prayer

We conclude our series on three practical ways to grow our prayer lives and see better results.

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Prayer Circles: Standing On and In the Promises of God

Pastors Justin and Melanie Simmons continue the series on prayer with a challenge to stand firm on God’s promises. When you’re in a battle of your faith and want to give up, God’s promises will empower you to remain faithful.

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Prayer Circles: Go Big or Stay Home

Pastors Justin and Melanie Simmons talk about elevating our expectations in God. He is the God of the impossible who calls us out of what we think He can do and into what He wills to do!

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