A Rising Church [pt.2]

Pastor Melanie Simmons teaches on how we walk in the identity of a prophet to bring kingdom strategy into the world. Believers are to align everything in their lives to the word of God for the purpose of transformation. When our lives are aligned to the word and the will of God then our lives becomes a testimony of Christ in us — the Hope of glory.

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A Rising Church [pt.1]

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches a core theme of Scripture is resurrection or rising up. God is always calling His people to get back up, break out of dysfunction and live as overcomers over the world’s broken systems. Humility will give you access to the kingdom of God where we’ve become royalty with a mission to lead this world into an encounter with God. Over the next few weeks we’ll learn to live as prophets, kings and priests to the world – rising to the occasion just like Jesus showed us how.

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Vision for a Prosperous Life

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how to recapture vision for the areas of your life that bring discouragement and disdain. You can stop throwing your hands up in frustration and start prospering now. Allow the Lord to shape the vision for your life and give you strategy on getting there. It all begins with a determination to do something different… today.

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Recalling the God Stories of 2019

Pastors Justin and Melanie Simmons host a conversation with people who have stepped into new God-adventures in 2019. Every story builds a foundation to believe for more of God’s goodness for us in 2020 and beyond!

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The Unexpected Mystery & Wonder of Christmas

Pastor Justin Simmons encourages us to pause and focus on the moment of Christ’s birth. This moment is more than a cute nativity scene, but is wrought with unexpected plot twists, mysterious developments and awe-inspiring wonder. Jesus’ birth reveals the themes of God’s heart towards us often passed over in the holiday rush – so slow down and experience the unexpected, mystery and wonder of Christmas first hand.

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Don’t Get Grinched

Pastor Justin Simmons shares practical ways to overcome the urge to be a grinch this Christmas. Nobody sets out to be a grinch, but as challenges and offenses come our way and they settle in our hearts the opportunity is not far off. As our heart goes, so does our life. We must learn to protect our hearts so that our lives will flourish.

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Joy to the World: A Prescription for Praise

Pastor Melanie Simmons shares an encouraging message on Psalm 98. Joy to the World is a song that has been sung for over 300 years and still resonating in hearts during this year’s Christmas celebrations. Why? We were created in worship for worship!  In this message, you’ll find three practical prescriptions for you to step into praise this season.

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Presence: God’s Greatest Present

Do you view the Presence of God as a gift to you? Under the New Covenant, salvation isn’t the only gift, but the very Presence of God lives within us. His Presence is our gift to overcome this world. Be encouraged to spend time in the Presence of God and know the joy, peace and freedom that are available as a result of His Presence in your life.

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What’s On Your Face?

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how God has given us incredible power through a small muscle we call the tongue. Our words shape the reality we live in on this side of eternity. We can build or we can destroy; we can heal or we can wound. Too much is at stake in our lives to agree with negativity and complaint. We must be a people who speak faith, hope and love.

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From Seed to Harvest

Pastors Justin and Melanie share the journey during 2019’s Heart for the House giving campaign. This November and December, we are investing $10,000 into organizations and missionaries who are making a difference in Natomas and the nations. This message shares the who, the what and the why behind our openhanded giving culture at Arena Christian Center.

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