Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.6]

Pastor Justin Simmons finishes the teaching on the church with a message about gifts. God has given his church many gifts – some functional and others spiritual. It’s important for us to understand the differences so we can effectively build up, stir up and lift up the church as God so desires.

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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.5]

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches on the church’s responsibilities to build up one another through gifts. This message is the foundation to understanding the differences between offices, duties, functions and gifts. When we understand how God has made us, we step into a greater freedom to serve God and people.

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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.4]

Pastor Justin Simmons shares on the topic of a spiritual church that seeks to build up one another through the Spirit’s power. There is an expectation that God’s church would be a place of spiritual impact and not just another organization teaching morality and ethics. The church is the place of transformation and God chooses to use His people to help bring it about.

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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.3]

Pastor Justin Simmons continues our topic on the church being so much bigger than a building. If the church is a people gathered than it must be marked by a culture of togetherness. Togetherness is more than being in the same room or close proximity with others; it is a mixing of lives so that one cannot be separated from the other. Togetherness is marked by biblical hospitality and in this week’s message the challenge is practical.

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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.2]

Guest speaker, Pastor Bobby Jones share about the church requiring both unity and harmony to function in health. The Scriptures reveal the church operating in different gifts and abilities yet all rallied around one vision and mission — to extend the Gospel beyond the meeting place. What would the church look like if we had the harmony in our ministry like a symphony at a concert?

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Church: Bigger than a Building [pt.1]

God’s idea of a church is far greater than we often speak about it or even walk it out. The Bible paints a picture of the church being a movement to introduce humanity to Himself. We don’t just go to church… we are the church! Pastor Justin Simmons shares some big picture ideas of what the church is according to God’s design.

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More Than a Song: Interviews

On September 22, 2019 we sent out teams into the community to worship God by loving people. Nearly 100 sack lunches were handed out to people living under bridges in our community, $55 in quarters paid for laundry in laundry mats, popsicles were handed out to families in parks and trash was picked up from neighborhood streets. Overall, 27 volunteers decided to do church not for themselves, but for the people of Natomas in Sacramento, CA. This podcast is the interview about what happened and how this day of service left it’s mark on the people of Arena Christian Center.

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More Than a Song [pt.1]

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches on worship as a bigger idea than Sunday morning song sets. We are image carriers of our Creator and how worship in the ordinary parts of life is a window into our worship. 24-7 we have opportunity to give God our attention and adoration. There are three steps to help you live your ordinary moments in extraordinary worship.

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Revealing the Kingdom

Guest Speaker, Mitch Pier, teaches on the Kingdom of God and the value it possesses. What are you willing to do in order to receive the hidden treasure of God?

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The Grace to Serve

Mark and Sarah Brown share what it means to have all that you need to serve those in your life. We reveal the Father by how we love those around us.

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