Humility > Judgement: Matthew 7:1-6

It has never been easier to give our opinion for the world to hear. In a world of 24 hour news and social media, judgement is cast on people long before facts and understanding have entered into the conversation. Pastor Justin Simmons shares the Christian’s responsibility to discern right from wrong, but judgement belongs to God alone. Jesus expects humility from His followers because humility will always be greater force in the Kingdom than judgment. Want to break free? Our judgemental attitudes will lose power when we choose to build others up.

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Pray, Give, Go

Pastor Steve Edwards, Founder of Global Passion Ministries, shares how the Church can be the answer to another person’s prayers. Jesus noticed the oppressed and felt compassion to help them, is that our heart too? You can find out more about Global Passion Ministries on their website.

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Treasuring Peace: Matthew 6:19-34

Pastor Justin Simmons shares the importance of living at peace as a believer. Worry is a symptom that our heart, eyes and hands are settled on the wrong treasure. You were not made for worry because the Prince of Peace is within you.

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Learning to Pray with Purpose: Matthew 6:7-15

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches on prayer and how to pray with purpose. We can take pleasure in praying when we keep it simple and follow Jesus’s model.

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Living for the Audience of One: Matthew 6:1-18

Pastor Justin Simmons teaches on living your life not for the acceptance of others but of God. We are developed in the secret place where God alone can see our motivation to please Him and rewards us for it.

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Faith: There is More

Pastor Justin Simmons encourages believers to move from seed to fruit in their faith. If you will tend to your faith it can become a place of sustenance and provision.

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Raising Fathers and Mothers

Pastors Justin and Melanie Simmons teach on raising up mature spiritual fathers and mothers in the church. Everyone has someone they can imitate Jesus from and everyone has someone they can model the ways of Jesus to.

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Moving from Christian Meetings to Kingdom Family

Pastor Justin Simmons speaks on the letter to Philemon and shares four cornerstone principles to move from having Christian meetings and into living Kingdom family. Love is the motivator in family while obligation will only last as long as you feel like doing it.

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Reforming Righteousness: Matthew 5:43-48

Pastor Melanie Simmons challenges us to turn our enemies into neighbors. We cannot reduce our love to tolerating and putting up with others, but we must be for our enemy encountering Jesus and His goodness.

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Reforming Righteousness: Matthew 5:38-42

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how Jesus reforms humanity’s idea of getting even and living out of an “eye for an eye” world. Turning the other cheek may seem like a defeatist strategy, yet there is greater strength in not getting our own revenge and allowing God to vindicate us.

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