Rooted: Developing Functional Families [Col. 3:18-4:1]

Pastor Justin Simmons shares how we can begin to build families that function as God designed. In a world set in chaos where dysfunction is the accepted norm, a Christian’s family should stand out as counter-cultural. Rooted in Paul’s letter, the true test of Jesus’s Lordship is the principles governing our churches also governing our homes.

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Rooted: Plant Your Mind in Eternity for Today [Col. 3:1-17]

Pastor Justin Simmons shares from Colossians 3 about planting your mind in eternity to walk out our faith today. We must decide to look above our difficulties and only entertain that which feeds the new person we’ve become in Christ. We guard our hearts from any thoughts and beliefs that would rob us of our destiny. A disciplined life will always lead us to greater freedom.

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Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Pastor Tom Belt shares an encouraging word from Numbers 13 regarding faith and the ability to live beyond our past experiences. We can see but fail to act because we do not perceive what God is doing. Faith is about turning our history with God into how we step forward into the future with Him. Are you ready to step off the map and pioneer new territory?

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The Immanuel Promise

Pastor Melanie Simmons teaches about cultivating daily encounters with God. We are given a promise of God’s presence with us for all our days and not just when we have big decisions to make. This is an invitation to seek from Him what we can only receive from Him. It is in the ordinary places and the quiet personal space where encounters with God can truly change everything!

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Rooted: Finding Freedom in a Simple Gospel [Col. 2:6-23]

Pastor Justin Simmons concludes chapter two of Colossians with a challenging message about getting back to a simple gospel. Humanity has a way of making simple things complex and our faith has not escaped the trap. It is a simple gospel that saves us, transforms us and unites us. When we add to the gospel our rules, traditions and experiences; we create systems of division that often times make us enemies instead of a family of believers. Do you have the courage to ask God to strip it all away and make your faith fully fixated on Jesus Christ alone?

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Rooted: We Need Fathers and Mothers [Col. 1:24-2:5]

Pastor Justin continues in Colossians with a message about the deep need of spiritual parents. Nobody gets where they are going without the help of others. Why do we choose to live alone among community of the church? We need what others carry in God. We need to glean from the breakthroughs others have obtained. When we live in community with the goal of family, we receive an inheritance from each other’s walk with Jesus.

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Rooted: Jesus is Enough [Col. 1:12-23]

Pastor Justin Simmons continues the series Rooted with a message about Jesus being the God over all things. Anything apart from Jesus is a lesser thing. Our marriages, jobs, finances… all things… find their true meaning and purpose in Christ. The question we must ask ourselves is this: Is Jesus Lord over all things in my life?

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Rooted: Growing Up Into God’s Wisdom [Col. 1:9-12]

Pastor Justin Simmons continues the Rooted series with Paul’s prayer for the church in Colossae. The Apostle prays for the church to be filled with God’s wisdom so they may live pleasing lives worthy of God. This requires the people of God aligning their hearts and minds with the will of God. We cannot afford to underestimate the need to regain God’s perspectives in everything we think and do.

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Rooted: A Reputation of Love [Col. 1:1-8]

Pastor Justin Simmons focuses on the Apostle Paul’s thanksgiving for the church in Collosae and highlights the church’s reputation. Paul hears about the love that was prevalent among the church and commends them for their maturity. The love Paul writes about is due to the hope the church possesses for the future. They recognize that God has forgiven them and so offense has no place to settle. Hope is the fuel to love others well.

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Rooted: Introduction to Colossians

Pastor Justin Simmons begins our summer series of Rooted by reading through Colossians. Over the next couple months we will explore how relevant Paul’s letter is to creating maturity in us, nearly 2000 years after it’s writing. We don’t want to become old Christians, but mature and deeply rooted in the word of God so that we will flourish in this life and the next!

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